About Micah

Micah Thanhauser is a potter and mindfulness teacher based out of Asheville, NC. He is a graduate of Brown University, where he studied art, creativity, and meditation. He learned to make pots on his home island of Martha's Vineyard, and has studied ceramics at RISD, Haystack, Penland, and in Kyoto, Japan. He developed and teaches 'Pottery & Meditation' curriculums for adults and youth. He makes functional woodfired ceramics, and works as a studio assistant to Akira Satake.

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About the Pottery

Nearly all of the pots in my Gallery and Shop, are made from native North Carolina clays, and fired for three days in a wood burning kiln. They are minimally glazed, celebrating the beauty of the raw clay, and letting the unpredictable movement of the flames and ash create the unique surfaces. 

All of my pottery is designed for use. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, and contains no toxic ingredients. 

 Feeding wood into the kiln

Artist Statement

My work lies in learning to see and touch the beauty and aliveness inherent in clay. It is a practice of being still. The fire brings the pots to life, adding its indelible marks, unpredictable and full of grace. When the clay, my shaping hands, and the fire all work in harmony, it is a form of alchemy. These objects are sent into the world, as ambassadors of beauty and usefulness. They find their completeness in use, holding a cup of tea, a bowl of food, or a stick of incense.